About me

I am a mother of two beautiful kids; married to a caring and loving husband. I am now living in a country which is not the one where I grew up;  with a very different culture (and weather) trying to cope with a full-time work, two small kids needs, a demanding husband and at the same time looking for my own way to break the status quo; to dedicate more time to do what I love and slowly but surely get to make it a big part of my life.

I love to help people around me; starting with my family, friends, colleagues, etc … sometimes too much I think; but it is one of those things that fill my heart with happy vibes. I like to see people progress and become better persons and for that I look myself for continuous ways of learning and how to share what I know with others; this blog is the way to reach further; to reach higher, to reach more; and I hope it is really worth in the long run.


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