The Groundhog week. If you could relive the past week? would you do it?

When I saw this Daily Prompt I felt like yeah!! I will have a lot to write on this one …because I REALLY feel I would like to change my last week’s chain of events; but then it hit me … I started to look at some pictures in my phone to put my memories together and I didn’t feel I had a lot to change anymore. Of course there are many things I would love to do better if I would get the chance but what is true is that now I can not do anything about what is already done. 

My grandfather used to say that he hated the expression: “Si yo hubiera hecho…” (the Spanish for: “If I just would have…”) because for him the merely fact you were using it would imply that there was something you DIDN’T do and that unfortunately (or fortunately) you could not do anything to change at that moment. So, no time to waste thinking of what I would have done or what I could have said, etc … like the Journeyman posted today to answer to this prompt: Being wiser and learn from experience. Let us look at past week as a learning opportunity and relive only the best moments as it would be a waste to focus our time on the other ones. 

In my case, and as I have declared myself to be on the search of Harmony in Life; I would take as a learning to not listen too carefully to some people’s opinions; and not take them as “facts” as they will always be opinions which are shaped by a series of events and circumstances which are not always visible or tangible to others. Instead; I will strive to listen more to myself and to consider my opinion as the most valuable guide in how I would like my life and my family’s life to be now and in the future. So, I will discard all the bad energy from past week and keep only the good one as a fuel to the next weeks to come. 


About alernestfs

Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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