Thanks for another day.

And so it is another long weekend gone … efficient cleaning, excellent weather, good company & many hopes & dreams (mine and from my closest ones) come true … so I guess this is a THANKS! to the Universe, to God and to Mother Nature for allow us to live another while and enjoy of all of this. Thanks for another opportunity and for getting another chance to make things right and give it all in the name of love. 

And what if this opportunity comes with $1,000,000? Well, then I will immediately buy a trip for me, my kids and my husband and travel all the way back home to visit my parents and from then I would buy tickets to them, my grandmother and all my siblings (and families) and go to an All Inclusive Summer Hotel to enjoy together without the concern of who’s turn to cook today? ….. and if it doesn’t come with this gift? well I guess I will thank again for seeing a new sunrise & keep going with my dreams and hopes alive one more day at a time.


About alernestfs

Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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