A new Saint? really?

If I were to think that we would still appreciate our Saints in 300 years from now I think I would be a little naive; but I would feel as well a little hopeful and hope is always good to have; good to have now and I am sure it will be still appreciated in 300 years from now. 

When I first started this Blog I had in mind to contribute to the world around me with thoughts, experiences, that will make people’s life more harmonious and balanced and therefore, and only after that, people (including myself) will feel that real happiness is there; maybe has always been; but now it is uncovered by a more harmonious place to live, a more harmonious relationship with our loved ones, with the people that surround us and the world we live in.

Therefore I think that my answer to the question …. which patron Saint would I choose to be in 300 years from now? I need to say I would love to be named the Patron Saint of Harmony. By that I would speak to all of those who look for comfort in their surroundings but don’t know exactly how to make it work for just themselves; to him who wants to understand what is really important in life and needs the power to get rid of all unnecessary burden that only stop him from being who he really wants to be and no more, no less; just that person  he wants to be deep inside his heart.

The good news is that I won’t ask for flowers or candles to be offered in my name but instead I would just ask for an open mind to let in hope into his heart, and acceptance of himself and the potential he has to make his life a better and more harmonious journey.  



About alernestfs

Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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