How to define Optimism to a 4y old?

Yesterday I was on the go to a long weekend holidays with my kids and husband; we rented a nice car & were all excited about the idea of leaving the city and meet grandparents in their cabin. On the way we were faced with a cloudy sky which was not getting better; two hungry kids, one of them motionsick and slowly the expectations were getting lower and lower ….and then I tried to sound smart by saying “it is not going to rain; you will see”, and then my husband replied “Oh, now you are being optimistic” & my daughter asked “what is optimistic? What does it mean?” And we tried to explain in as few and simple words as possible … It didn’t work, we think.
Today I have met the word & the concept in Facebook’s posts, in the mewspaper, famous quotes, etc … It looks like it is chasing me …. The concept of optimism, the fact of that by being optimistic yourself (and teaching your kids how to become one) you increase their chances of being happy & healthy kids.
Well, I guess I will try to show a positive attitude even when it looks like rain, smile as much as possible; because smiling makes others smile as well, and what else can I do? Also play more with them or give them more opportunities to play and put their creativity to practice… And make more jokes about funny and not so funny situations,etc etc …. I guess I will come out with more ideas on the way but the most inportant is that they learn to see and feel the world with open eyes and open heart so that our future will be more colorful!



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Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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