Mornings are difficult

When you need to be somewhere at certain time; when somebody is expecting you to show up at work with a happy face & well dressed …. Then the mornings are difficult …. Why? Because at the same time you are trying to get ready to fullfill all those expectations you have to run & chase two energetic kids that don’t want to go to Daycare just today, that feel they can play hide and seek one more time and that seatdown and play a little piano …. Well … Mornings are difficult, but they are as well a new beginning, a sunrise, a moment to breathe fresh air and enjoy that you are actually there, alive, surrounded by life that is awakening to a new day full of possibilities …. I love mornings, even when they are difficult.


About alernestfs

Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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