My Kids are the Best or How little we know about our friends

In the morning I had a clear topic for this, my second entry to my newly created Blogg, but then I read an update in Facebook from one friend and It made me think that maybe I should save that topic for later and write abou this one instead. Well here it goes; how little we really know about people these days … With all the new ways of “comnecting” with people That exist today I think everytime we are just pushed apart a little bit, pushed towards becoming a “recipient of news”; towards the emptyness of feeling that I am not anymore part of some of my friends lives; that I get to know about very special life events only through a post in Facebook at the same time than 400 other “friends” … That I get to know when people is promoted at their Jobs via a change in LinkedIn status just like the hundreds of hungry HeadHunters in my friend’s list. Not anymore the privilege of being a close friend, of knowing and sharing our plans for the future, or getting to know more what is going on with their close family even if it is bad or sad; because those stuff are not shared in Facebook or LinkedIn; those things are hidden from a “public” audience but then the result is that they are also hidden from those who at some point in time enjoyed the privilege of being there, close, physically, in person, to share, enjoy, serve as a shoulder to cry on or just listen …. And then the “digital friendships” are only about to show off, show what you have accomplished, what music you hear & what games you play, maybe sometimes complain as well, sjow how committed you are with any semi-charity cause and expect some “likes” in exchange, some nice “congratulation” messages on your birthday … Well, this is at least how I feel now, how I felt in the morning & probably how I will still feel tomorrow; after that I am not sure, but certainly not easy to take out of my mind just now.


About alernestfs

Looking for Harmony in my life and enjoying the opportunity to get inspired and inspire others to a better world.
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