The Groundhog week. If you could relive the past week? would you do it?

When I saw this Daily Prompt I felt like yeah!! I will have a lot to write on this one …because I REALLY feel I would like to change my last week’s chain of events; but then it hit me … I started to look at some pictures in my phone to put my memories together and I didn’t feel I had a lot to change anymore. Of course there are many things I would love to do better if I would get the chance but what is true is that now I can not do anything about what is already done. 

My grandfather used to say that he hated the expression: “Si yo hubiera hecho…” (the Spanish for: “If I just would have…”) because for him the merely fact you were using it would imply that there was something you DIDN’T do and that unfortunately (or fortunately) you could not do anything to change at that moment. So, no time to waste thinking of what I would have done or what I could have said, etc … like the Journeyman posted today to answer to this prompt: Being wiser and learn from experience. Let us look at past week as a learning opportunity and relive only the best moments as it would be a waste to focus our time on the other ones. 

In my case, and as I have declared myself to be on the search of Harmony in Life; I would take as a learning to not listen too carefully to some people’s opinions; and not take them as “facts” as they will always be opinions which are shaped by a series of events and circumstances which are not always visible or tangible to others. Instead; I will strive to listen more to myself and to consider my opinion as the most valuable guide in how I would like my life and my family’s life to be now and in the future. So, I will discard all the bad energy from past week and keep only the good one as a fuel to the next weeks to come. 

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Thanks for another day.

And so it is another long weekend gone … efficient cleaning, excellent weather, good company & many hopes & dreams (mine and from my closest ones) come true … so I guess this is a THANKS! to the Universe, to God and to Mother Nature for allow us to live another while and enjoy of all of this. Thanks for another opportunity and for getting another chance to make things right and give it all in the name of love. 

And what if this opportunity comes with $1,000,000? Well, then I will immediately buy a trip for me, my kids and my husband and travel all the way back home to visit my parents and from then I would buy tickets to them, my grandmother and all my siblings (and families) and go to an All Inclusive Summer Hotel to enjoy together without the concern of who’s turn to cook today? ….. and if it doesn’t come with this gift? well I guess I will thank again for seeing a new sunrise & keep going with my dreams and hopes alive one more day at a time.

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A new Saint? really?

If I were to think that we would still appreciate our Saints in 300 years from now I think I would be a little naive; but I would feel as well a little hopeful and hope is always good to have; good to have now and I am sure it will be still appreciated in 300 years from now. 

When I first started this Blog I had in mind to contribute to the world around me with thoughts, experiences, that will make people’s life more harmonious and balanced and therefore, and only after that, people (including myself) will feel that real happiness is there; maybe has always been; but now it is uncovered by a more harmonious place to live, a more harmonious relationship with our loved ones, with the people that surround us and the world we live in.

Therefore I think that my answer to the question …. which patron Saint would I choose to be in 300 years from now? I need to say I would love to be named the Patron Saint of Harmony. By that I would speak to all of those who look for comfort in their surroundings but don’t know exactly how to make it work for just themselves; to him who wants to understand what is really important in life and needs the power to get rid of all unnecessary burden that only stop him from being who he really wants to be and no more, no less; just that person  he wants to be deep inside his heart.

The good news is that I won’t ask for flowers or candles to be offered in my name but instead I would just ask for an open mind to let in hope into his heart, and acceptance of himself and the potential he has to make his life a better and more harmonious journey.  


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How to define Optimism to a 4y old?

Yesterday I was on the go to a long weekend holidays with my kids and husband; we rented a nice car & were all excited about the idea of leaving the city and meet grandparents in their cabin. On the way we were faced with a cloudy sky which was not getting better; two hungry kids, one of them motionsick and slowly the expectations were getting lower and lower ….and then I tried to sound smart by saying “it is not going to rain; you will see”, and then my husband replied “Oh, now you are being optimistic” & my daughter asked “what is optimistic? What does it mean?” And we tried to explain in as few and simple words as possible … It didn’t work, we think.
Today I have met the word & the concept in Facebook’s posts, in the mewspaper, famous quotes, etc … It looks like it is chasing me …. The concept of optimism, the fact of that by being optimistic yourself (and teaching your kids how to become one) you increase their chances of being happy & healthy kids.
Well, I guess I will try to show a positive attitude even when it looks like rain, smile as much as possible; because smiling makes others smile as well, and what else can I do? Also play more with them or give them more opportunities to play and put their creativity to practice… And make more jokes about funny and not so funny situations,etc etc …. I guess I will come out with more ideas on the way but the most inportant is that they learn to see and feel the world with open eyes and open heart so that our future will be more colorful!


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Mornings are difficult

When you need to be somewhere at certain time; when somebody is expecting you to show up at work with a happy face & well dressed …. Then the mornings are difficult …. Why? Because at the same time you are trying to get ready to fullfill all those expectations you have to run & chase two energetic kids that don’t want to go to Daycare just today, that feel they can play hide and seek one more time and that seatdown and play a little piano …. Well … Mornings are difficult, but they are as well a new beginning, a sunrise, a moment to breathe fresh air and enjoy that you are actually there, alive, surrounded by life that is awakening to a new day full of possibilities …. I love mornings, even when they are difficult.

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My Kids are the Best or How little we know about our friends

In the morning I had a clear topic for this, my second entry to my newly created Blogg, but then I read an update in Facebook from one friend and It made me think that maybe I should save that topic for later and write abou this one instead. Well here it goes; how little we really know about people these days … With all the new ways of “comnecting” with people That exist today I think everytime we are just pushed apart a little bit, pushed towards becoming a “recipient of news”; towards the emptyness of feeling that I am not anymore part of some of my friends lives; that I get to know about very special life events only through a post in Facebook at the same time than 400 other “friends” … That I get to know when people is promoted at their Jobs via a change in LinkedIn status just like the hundreds of hungry HeadHunters in my friend’s list. Not anymore the privilege of being a close friend, of knowing and sharing our plans for the future, or getting to know more what is going on with their close family even if it is bad or sad; because those stuff are not shared in Facebook or LinkedIn; those things are hidden from a “public” audience but then the result is that they are also hidden from those who at some point in time enjoyed the privilege of being there, close, physically, in person, to share, enjoy, serve as a shoulder to cry on or just listen …. And then the “digital friendships” are only about to show off, show what you have accomplished, what music you hear & what games you play, maybe sometimes complain as well, sjow how committed you are with any semi-charity cause and expect some “likes” in exchange, some nice “congratulation” messages on your birthday … Well, this is at least how I feel now, how I felt in the morning & probably how I will still feel tomorrow; after that I am not sure, but certainly not easy to take out of my mind just now.

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“Be the Change …

“Be the Change you want to see in the World” (Attributed to Mahatma Ghandi)


The opening phrase of this Blog: “Be the change you want to see in the world” which reflects what I want to do from now on with my life  … focusing more on what is it that I really WANT to see in the world & make it happen as of today; starting in my micro world, family, work, relatives, etc ….. it is not going to be easy but I will do my best & try hard & document all the advances … hopefully many more people will benefit as well of it wherever in the world they are today.

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